On today’s menu… Pea Green Soup!

To round off our The Owl and the Pussycat topic we decided to make a delicious meal for the characters in the story.

As a class we collaborated to make Pea Green Soup. We enjoyed working in the cafe and reminding ourselves of how to be safe when we prepare food.

Have a look at us in action!

Then we tasted it! It’s fair to say that not everybody liked it, but everybody tried it!

Back in the classroom, we evaluated the process and finished product of our cooking adventures and wrote instructions so that we could make it again!

1 thought on “On today’s menu… Pea Green Soup!

  1. Well I heard pea green soup was delicious !

    Great to see all actively involved in making it from the begining and preparing with all of the ingredients 🙂
    How fun is it to taste the food you have made yourself !
    Great !

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