Meerkat Mail – Performance and Shared Writing

Over the last week, we have practiced and practiced our story telling. It has taken a while to learn the whole story off by heart, but it is really rewarding and loads of fun when we all tell the story together.

Take a look below at 2A retelling the whole story!

Following this, we have begun to innovate the story. This means changing aspects of the story to make a different one. We have chosen to rename our main character ‘Molly’ and Molly’s journey takes her to lots of different places, including Egypt, London and the moon! Have a look at some of our innovated story maps.

We have now started a shared write, this is when we write our innovated story as a class together, using the original story as a guide for our own. This has provided lots of opportunities for reflective editing, where we read through our work and use our green pen to check our work carefully.

Next week, we will be writing our own journey stories, with our own characters and destinations to visit. We can’t wait.

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