Floral studies – Artist focus, James Bolton

This week we have looked really closely at the work of West Yorkshire born artist and botanist, James Bolton.

James Bolton created this study, called Painted Iris and Summer Snowdrop, in the 18th Century.

As a class, we thought about the importance of close observation in artwork at a time when there were no cameras or tablets to take pictures instantly.

The works of James Bolton, like this one, was as much scientific study as a piece of art.

Our own flower studies combine a variety of different skills and techniques, including pencil, charcoal, oil pastel and watercolour. We all had to work so hard, and use close observation and carefully considered marks to achieve the truly fantastic results.

Have a look at the pictures below to see some of our work!

1 thought on “Floral studies – Artist focus, James Bolton

  1. Hi 2A
    What a wonderful Wednesday!

    What wonderful pieces of artwork.
    The colours, textures and all of the details shown in all of your artwork is splendid 👍
    Can you imagine having no cameras to take pictures , only using your peepers and careful handwork to create such drawings.

    Well done 2A

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