Kassim and the Greedy Dragon – The journey begins…

This half term we are learning the story of Kassim and the Greedy Dragon.

The week began by making our own dragons out of paper, this was so much fun. It also made us so excited to learn more about dragons in the story!

Then together we learnt the story by giving it actions and saying it over and over again. We have also created story maps to help with our chronological understanding of the story as well as supporting us as we retell the story.

2 thoughts on “Kassim and the Greedy Dragon – The journey begins…

  1. Hey Class 2A, Miss Archibald here !

    This looks so much fun. I wonder how long the paper chain could have gone if you did it as a class. You would have had a very long dragon !!

    Loving the story maps, I could follow the story in my head without reading the book so well done and great handwriting.

  2. All the children look so engaged in the activity. Some very creative dragons are being created. The children seem to have put a lot of thought into their story maps.
    Great work 2A.

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