Kassim and the Greedy Dragon – The journey begins…

This half term we are learning the story of Kassim and the Greedy Dragon.

The week began by making our own dragons out of paper, this was so much fun. It also made us so excited to learn more about dragons in the story!

Then together we learnt the story by giving it actions and saying it over and over again. We have also created story maps to help with our chronological understanding of the story as well as supporting us as we retell the story.

Floral studies – Artist focus, James Bolton

This week we have looked really closely at the work of West Yorkshire born artist and botanist, James Bolton.

James Bolton created this study, called Painted Iris and Summer Snowdrop, in the 18th Century.

As a class, we thought about the importance of close observation in artwork at a time when there were no cameras or tablets to take pictures instantly.

The works of James Bolton, like this one, was as much scientific study as a piece of art.

Our own flower studies combine a variety of different skills and techniques, including pencil, charcoal, oil pastel and watercolour. We all had to work so hard, and use close observation and carefully considered marks to achieve the truly fantastic results.

Have a look at the pictures below to see some of our work!

Meerkat Mail – Performance and Shared Writing

Over the last week, we have practiced and practiced our story telling. It has taken a while to learn the whole story off by heart, but it is really rewarding and loads of fun when we all tell the story together.

Take a look below at 2A retelling the whole story!

Following this, we have begun to innovate the story. This means changing aspects of the story to make a different one. We have chosen to rename our main character ‘Molly’ and Molly’s journey takes her to lots of different places, including Egypt, London and the moon! Have a look at some of our innovated story maps.

We have now started a shared write, this is when we write our innovated story as a class together, using the original story as a guide for our own. This has provided lots of opportunities for reflective editing, where we read through our work and use our green pen to check our work carefully.

Next week, we will be writing our own journey stories, with our own characters and destinations to visit. We can’t wait.

Potato Planting in 2A

This week, a small group of children from 2A began our potato planting adventure!

They took the seed potatoes and planted them in a raised bed. We will continue to water them (when the rain doesn’t do it for us!) and watch them grow, hopefully harvesting some delicious potatoes in the not to distant future!

ACE Scientists – Our plant journey begins!

It is fair to say that it doesn’t get much more exciting than watching something you’ve planted starting to grow. Well today in 2A, we started out on this very journey.

We began, by learning about what plants need to grow; water, light and space. We also looked really closely at different vegetable seeds, to see if all seeds look the same. As we did this, we worked scientifically to classify and group the seeds in different ways, including, by size, by colour or by shape.

Then we worked with our partner to carefully plant some seeds. We now have a windowsill of lettuce, kale and radish seeds all freshly planted in pots.

Fingers crossed, they will start to germinate, we will be observing our plants closely over the coming days and weeks to see of any changes!

Watch this space!

Happy St Georges Day!

To celebrate St George’s Day, 2A have been learning about the story of ‘George and the Dragon’ as well as a touch of traditional Morris Dancing.

First, enjoy this retelling of ‘George and the Dragon’ by story teller, Wilf Merttens.

Our traditional Morris Dancing was very fun! We worked at team ants in groups to learn and practice our dance.

Have a look at our rehearsals in action!

On today’s menu… Pea Green Soup!

To round off our The Owl and the Pussycat topic we decided to make a delicious meal for the characters in the story.

As a class we collaborated to make Pea Green Soup. We enjoyed working in the cafe and reminding ourselves of how to be safe when we prepare food.

Have a look at us in action!

Then we tasted it! It’s fair to say that not everybody liked it, but everybody tried it!

Back in the classroom, we evaluated the process and finished product of our cooking adventures and wrote instructions so that we could make it again!

ACE Writers – Retelling ‘The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat’

Today, 2A have completely wowed me with their writing.

We have worked really hard this week to cultivate our descriptive story telling language ready to retell ‘The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat’ today.

Everybody worked really hard to create writing to be proud of, with a few exclaiming “This is my best writing since I’ve been in Year 2!”. Take a look below at these young authors in action, with a couple of excerpts to read!

Amazing Art Work…

After reading the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat‘, Year 2 were very excited to find out what happens to them both after they got married. We have all loved reading the beginning of the story ‘The Further Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat’ by Julia Donaldson.

In the story, the owl and pussycat wake up to discover that their wedding ring has been taken.

Although we, as the reader, know that it was the crow who took the ring, the owl and pussycat haven’t yet solved the mystery. They set off on their adventure to locate the thief.

The children enjoyed making their own relief collage of the two characters using several cutting techniques and using paper in different ways to make it stand off the page. Here is a sample of some of our amazing artwork…